Dynamic Duo: 2many Siblings

They are an eclectic brother and sister duo with a remarkable afrocentric style comprising of a rich mixture of print, color, edge, punk and 70’s inspiration. In a world where most people love to play safe, they are a breathe of fresh air; not just because of the genius/ well mapped out vision to execution, but because they are Raw. This is the reason they are on my screensaver, and why they should be on yours too 🙂

Shared are some interesting shots from their Tumblr feed:


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Albino Eye candy

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General facts about Albinos:

  1. The term ‘albinism’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Albus’, which means ‘white’.
  2. Albinos generally suffer from an uncontrollable movement of the eyeballs called nystagmus, photophobia (sensitivity to bright light) and strabismus (misalignment of eye)
  3. Albino animals like the Himalayan rabbit, Siamese cat, white tigers, etc., are famous for their distinct and unusual color.
  4. Albinism does not affect the life span of a person, in fact, people affected by albinism tend to live longer
  5. June 13th is the International Albinism Awareness day



Empire State of mind


I was listening to Jay Z’s Empire State of mind when I painted him on a big 70 cm * 100 cm canvas.

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothin’ you can’t do
These streets will make you feel brand new
The lights will inspire you…”

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The minimalist zebra painting by me.

Mainly because I want to broaden my interaction with the world and really get into the habit of self-expression, I am learning to get my feet wet-almost daily and slowly-changing my thinking habits, and its such a great feeling! Phrases that come easily to mind, like: ‘I know what I think,’ or ‘I know what I like,’ or ‘I know what’s going to happen’, replacing the ‘know’s with ‘ don’t know,’s is making everything so interesting.

When I meet friends and acquaintances, the first thing they say is “I did not know you can paint!”- and to be honest neither did I 🙂 . It started off as a self expression practice, then I realized the more I paint, the less I am afraid to make mistakes and the better I am able to express myself.

I am happy to share with you my Zebra! A minimalist, black and white painting, by me, on a stretched 60 cm*60 cm canvas, using acrylic paint





Let me know what you think about this painting (Its for SALE btw!) by emailing me at concillierk@gmail.com with the subject ZEBRA or commenting on this post . I would love to hear from you!

Why I hate school but love education – By Suli Breaks

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Why I Hate School and Love Education

“So you want to get a degree, why?

Let me tell you what society will tell you:
increases your chances of getting a job,
provides you with an opportunity to be successful,
your life will be a lot less stressful,
education is the key.

Now, let me tell you what your parents will tell you,

make me proud, 
increases your chances of getting a job, 
provides you with an opportunity to be successful,
your life will be a lot less stressful,
education is the key.

Now let’s look at the statistics, 

Steve Jobs’ net worth: $7 billion R.I.P;
Richard Branson net worth: $4.2 billion;
Oprah Winfrey net worth: $2.7 billion;
Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates 
now here comes ‘the coup, de grace’.

Looking at these individuals, what’s your conclusion? 

Neither of them in being successful ever graduated from a higher learning institution,
now some of you would protest like, 
you know money is not the only medium by which one measures worldly success,
some of you even have the nerve to say,
I don’t do it for the money,
so what are studying for?
To work for a charity,
need more clarity?

Let’s look at the statistics, 

Jesus, Muhammed ‘Praise be upon him’,
Socrates, Malcolm X, Mother Teresa, 
Spielberg, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Jesse Owens, 
Muhammad Ali, Sean Carter,
Michael Jeffrey Jordan, Michael Joseph Jackson,
were either of these people unsuccessful or uneducated?

All I’m saying is that if there was a family tree, 
hard work and education would be related,
but school would probably be a distant cousin.
Because if education is the key, then school is the lock.
Because it rarely ever develops your mind to the point where it can perceive red as green and continue to go when someone else said stop, 
because as long as you follow the rules and pass the exams, you’re cool.

But are you aware that examiners have a checklist?

And if your answer is something outside of the box, 
the automatic response is a cross,
and then they claim that school expands your horizons and your visions.
Well, tell that to Malcolm X, who dropped out of school 
and is world renowned for what he learned in a prison.

Proverbs 17:16, 

It does a fool no good to spend money on education, why? 
Because he has no common sense.
George Bush, need I say more?

“Education is about inspiring ones mind not just filling their head”.

And take this from me,

because I’m a educated man myself,
who only came to this realization after countless nights,
in the library with a can of Red Bull keeping me awake til dawn,
and another can in the morn,
falling asleep in between piles of books,
which probably equates to the same amount I had spent on my rent, 
memorize equations, facts and dates,
write it down to the letter,
half of which I’d never remember, 
and half of which I forget straight after the exam,
and before the start of the next semester,
asking anyone if they had notes for the last lecture?

I often found myself running to class,
just so I could find the spot on which I could rest my head,
and fall asleep without making a scene, ironic because,
that’s the only time I ever spent in university chasing my dreams.

And then after nights with a dead-mind;

identifying myself in the queue of half awake student zombies,
waiting to hand in an assignment,
maybe that’s why they call it a dead-line.
And then after three years of mental suppression and frustration,
my proud mother didn’t even turn up to my graduation.

Now I’m not saying that school is evil,

and there’s nothing to gain,
but all I’m saying is,
understand your morals and reassess your aims,
because if you want a job working for someone else,then help yourself.
But then that would be a contradiction, 
because you wouldn’t really be helping yourself, you’ll be helping somebody else;
there’s a saying, which says: 
“if you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs”.

Redefine how you view education.
Understand its true meaning.
Education is not just about regurgitating facts,
from a book on someone else’s opinion on a subject to pass an exam.

Look at it, 

Picasso was educated in creating art; 
Shakespeare was educated in the art of all that was written. 
Colonel Harland Sanders was educated in the art of creating Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I once saw David Beckham take a free kick,
I watched as the side of his Adidas sponsored boot hit the playing level of ball at angle which caused it to travel towards the skies as though it was destined for the heavens,
and then as it reached the peak of its momentum, as though it changed its mind, and switched directions.
I watched as the goalkeeper froze,
as reciting to himself the laws of physics, 
and as though his brain was negotiating with his eyes that it was indeed witnessing the spectacle of the level swung that was sweeping towards it, 
and then reacted.
But only a fraction of a millisecond too late, and before the net of the goal embraced the FIFA sponsored ball, as there was the prodigal son returning home and the country that I live in erupted into cheers.
I looked at the play, and thought, damn.
Looking at David Beckham there’s more than one way in this world to be an educated man.”
By Suli Breaks

Focus on Kareem Iliya: Water Color Artist










Female silhouettes intrigue me, and that’s why Kareem Iliya caught my eye. He has done branding for companies such as Louis Vuitton, H&M, Fendi and Harper’s Bazaar. He has also done cover art for publications such as The New York times.

View his entire portfolio