Summer in London

Nothing is sure in London than expense, rainy and gloomy summer days, fish and chips, red telephone booths, the tube, double decker buses and eccentrics. The couples scene is also as diverse and as PDA plastered as it gets! London was a great place to disappear – for me. I got to people-watch a lot. The city has a coldness to it that is very hard to explain. It’s seemed everyone was busy rushing somewhere; ‘pretentiously’ busy’. Most people seem reserved enough not to be rude but you can still see it on their faces, as though genuine social interaction is a form of neediness – but maybe its just me used to too much warmth and friendliness back home. All in all, it was an interesting culture to be immersed in. Has any one experienced something similar while in London?

Trafalgar square and National Gallery



River Thames and the London eye
People watching at the London bridge
Not sure why the cute guy in the army green jacket was staring at me but oh well πŸ™‚
China town. Aunty was trying to figure out the formula.
China town
Double decker buses and London cabbies
Jazz night at Ronny Scott’s was memorable. Seemed like time travel circa 1950


Lovers enjoying an evening stroll.



This is the stage where that Friday feeling kicks in.
The Tube at Piccadilly Circus
The Valerian and the city of a thousand  planets premiered at the Leicester square on this same night. Rihanna was here! Missed her entrance though 😦


Blogpost 1
Best fish and chips near the London eye

I missed out on vintage shopping, brunching and afternoon tea, a stroll around Canary Wharf, Buckingham palace, Kensington gardens, the Little Venice and a day trip to Stonehenge but well, there is always a next time right? πŸ™‚

Few tips if you have never been but plan to:

  • Even in summer, carry an umbrella.
  • Don’t under-estimate the transport system! Install the “City mapper” app to help you easily plan your trips otherwise you will get yourself on the wrong train
  • Don’t under-estimate the hard water! Carry some coconut oil for your skin. The hard water can damage your skin and leave it too dry
  • Don’t under-estimate how expensive it can get!

10 thoughts on “Summer in London

  1. Your shots are amazing!! I also experienced that aloofness of London but as you said, we come from a more social culture hence our expectation of warmth.

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  2. Great post Concillier! I love the visuals!
    I definitely agree with you on that feel of coldness you get, oh and especially on the tube! Our part of the world offers a lot more warmth and comfort for sure. But it’s still a great place to visit! Looks like you had a good time, let’s do a European tour next year! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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