Island life – Uganda

I would go ahead to call these islands a ‘well kept secret’ but my Ugandan friends from Kabale would beg to differ. Lake Bunyonyi is in the South western part of Uganda and is one of Africa’s deepest lakes. It is closest to Kabale town, which is an hour’s drive from the Rwanda/Uganda border. It has 29 concentrated islands therefore visitors are spoilt for choice on where to go.

We happened to visit Habuharo Island and it was spectacular. Each of the cottages face the lake so you are assured of a beautiful view whichever cottage you decide to sleep in. I was sure to capture some beautiful views and sunsets on this beautiful gem. Definitely should be on your ‘Places to travel’ list.

Blogpost 29
A view of the islands on Lake Bunyonyi from Arcadia Hotel

Going to Habuharo island: 

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The boat ride takes about 25 minutes from the boat station. You should make reservations prior so that the hotel makes arrangements to get supplies from the main land and so that they can pick you up, of course.
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The lake’s calming effect, hope it can be felt from the picture 😉

Arrival at the island: 

Blogpost 11
The island’s little harbour.
Blogpost 12
From the harbour to the hotel
Blogpost 8
A warm welcome (literally) with a nice hot cup of tea is served upon arrival.
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The cottages: 

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No wifi here. You can choose to connect with anything else
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View from the cottage.

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If waking up to such views is something that excites you, please visit. Being a Sunday, it was so quiet in the morning. Known as the bird island, all you could hear was their chirping from about 4 am!
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The islands are off-grid therefore all the power is harnessed from the sun. Working in the Solar sector, this made me happy.

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Blogpost 9
You will not experience a lot of mosquitoes because the rooms have mosquito nets.

A walk around the Island: 

Blogpost 15

Blogpost 14

Blogpost 13

Blogpost 17


Blogpost 18
Neighbouring islands

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Blogpost 28

Blogpost 30

Heading back: 

Blogpost 26
We stopped for lunch (and a game of football) at Overland.

Blogpost 23

Blogpost 24
These kids were hilarious. From the boat, we could hear them shout ”Hello! Hello! Give me money!!!!”
Blogpost 25
Leaving the island clearly made us all sad 😦

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